Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing for the Beginner

Social Media Marketing does present itself with a few challenges for those who are managing their own marketing. I see people trying to take short cuts all the time. They will use automated postings, link multiple sites together, post only when they have time and the list goes on. There are no short cuts if you wish to be successful.

Before you start you will have to accept that this is part of running a business and is as important as other aspects such as bookkeeping, sales or customer relations. We all make time for such tasks and your social media marketing tasks are no different.

So let’s take a look at something’s you can do to be successful with your social media marketing.

  1. Finding the best outlets – There are many options here and not every business is a good fit for each outlet. So how do you choose? A good place to start is to ask yourself where are your customers? Where are your competitors? Do not try to do too many all at once. As your business grows you can add others into your marketing mix. Just because you heard blogging is a great way to generate leads does not mean it is a good fit for you and your business. Start simple and small and grow into it.
  1. Building your Audience – once you have chosen your outlet of choice you want to take time to build a solid foundation. Having likes, followers etc. for the sheer numbers is never a good idea. Paying a 3rd party for thousands of likes or followers will only give you numbers. They will never interact or engage with you and chances are they are not the ease bit interested in your product or service. So start with friends, business associates, family and most importantly your current customers.
  1. Create Great Content – You will spend most of your time creating your content for posts. This is an ongoing process. The best approach is to plan things out and to think ahead. Set aside time for this. Get a calendar and plan out for the week what you want to talk about. Then chose how you want to say it. Are you going to create a graphic, use a video?? Allow time for research. Anything you can think of has already be said and you can find it on the internet but people have not heard it from you. Find out what is it people that want to know as it relates to your business. Do not repeat what has already bee said but do use your own words to tell your story. People relate to things differently and there are people who will relate to what you have to say.
  1. Create a Plan or Strategy – this is ever evolving and you should review it often. Every plan and strategy starts with goals and identifying what you want to achieve. Sales is a given and this is actually a long term result. So on your calendar you can plot out what you are going post, where you are posting it and when you are posting it. Does this one week at a time in the beginning. Start simple and do not over complicate it.
  1. Be Authentic – What makes social media marketing so great is that it gives potential and current customers a chance to engage and interact with you. You have the opportunity to develop a personable relationship with your audience. People do business with you, not your brand and as such they do so with those they know, like and trust. When you are authentic you are building that trust and creating a sense that they know you.
  1. Educate Yourself – just as you educated yourself as to other aspects of running your business you will want to do the same with your social media marketing. There is a wealth of information available just by doing some searching. Learn all that you can but do not get over zealous and try to do too much all at once. When you and your business are ready for the next step then and only then should you take that step.

We hope that these tips guide you in the direction of being successful with your social media marketing. Please feel free to share some tips of your own with us.

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