The Anatomy of a Tweet

Are you ready to take the plunge and start ‘Tweeting” but have no idea how best to construct a tweet???? We are going to construct a tweet, deconstruct it and reconstruct it again…
So let’s begin by looking at types of Tweets.
This is an example of a tweet where general information is given, an opinion, a thought…
A commercial or business website is one of the most efficient and cost effective platforms for attracting clients and conducting business. This tweet is 138 characters long. As you can see there is a complete thought and a great deal of information included. This type of tweet is use when you want to share your expertise and so that is can be easily re-tweeted so that others will see the value and begin to follow you.

This tweet is the type where they are directing you to where you can find more information should you be interested. The link lets you know where you going and it is not promotional but more educational.
Educators Now Make Up 12{ebd406824beddcfba747a64d6ebf5cd9712607f65350c4e6a9643ae9d21e61f8} of US Millionaires | Western (the url has been shorten so that it fits into the 140 character limit.)

This Tweet is promotional and to drive traffic. woww!! the big surprise,, just 1 days your followers can reach 3000 up, Visit here Now when you click through it takes you to place where you can buy followers. The person who posted this has 8,000 plus followers yet with their program you can buy up to 50,000. As I said in a previous post this is what you do not want to do. There are many who tweet this post in many forms and their accounts is all about doing this.

So what type of tweet do you think this is? Check out my #blog for #social #media tips, how to drive massive #leads to your biz and #network mktg strategies! I bet you are wondering what the # is all about. This is how you can direct your tweet to those with similar interests but do not follow you…yet. It is called “hash-tagging.” By using the hash tag it allows others using those search terms when looking for tweets of interest to them and for people to follow to find you. This is a very effective way to gain new followers and for others to re-tweet you to their followers.

Here is an example of what not to do: well i’ve learnt my lesson never opening up to anyone again If you are using Twitter for your business, then do not get personal.

To help you get into the flow of tweeting… these are good examples of what you could be doing:
It’s always better to go in the direction of the flow rather than trying to steer your boat yourself. #ceo #leadership #management

Do you want to have more click throughs from the hyperlinks you will send on twitter? Superior video clip

#Twins defeat #Pirates split squad 15-3 #npst #springtraining

I hope you now have a better understanding of how to construct a tweet. Take a thought, break it down to its simplest form and construct it again so it makes sense to your followers and add hash tags for better results.
Until our next adventure…. Happy Tweeting!!!!

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