Meet Mary Anne Cipressy,

The heart and soul behind What’s Up SWFL!


With over 15 years of small business ownership under her belt, Mary Anne knows the ins and outs of the entrepreneurial rollercoaster. She’s not just a business owner; she’s your friendly neighborhood marketing strategist.


Navigating the digital marketing maze can be a wild ride, and Mary Anne gets it. She’s been there, conquered that. Now, she’s sharing her treasure trove of experience through her coaching practice, bringing warmth, wisdom, and a sprinkle of magic to help you soar in the digital landscape.


Picture having a chat with your savvy friend who’s been in the game, someone who understands the challenges of promoting a business online. Mary Anne is that friend. Her coaching style isn’t about textbook theories; it’s about real-world, battle-tested strategies tailored just for you.


So, whether you’re feeling a bit lost in the digital wilderness or simply craving some guidance from a seasoned entrepreneur, Mary Anne is your go-to guru. Let her friendly expertise light the way as you navigate the exciting world of marketing.

Ready to make waves in SWFL and beyond? Mary Anne’s got your back!