3 Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes

So often we see businesses trying to make their Facebook business pages work for them and after a short time give up on it as they are not getting the results they want. There are several common mistakes we see most business owners making that cause this.


  1. Posts do not relate to their business. Ok I know what you are thinking. You read or were told that you should not post about your business on your business page. Read that again and hear how silly that sounds. What they were talking about were overly promotional posts, which we will get to a bit later. We have seen pages where after being asked to like the page, we have no clue what their business is about, why we would want to use their business or even recommend it. What they were doing were posting quotes, good morning type posts, happy day type posts all the time. Nothing that would tell us what they were about. Solution – If you are going to post quotes, they need to make sense for your business. Post tips about your business that share your knowledge. Post pictures of you doing something that relates to your business. Use humor and search for cartoon or visual jokes that relate to your business.
  1. Repeating the same post. We see this often where once or twice a week, they are posting the same picture, the same content using the exact same text. This is boring to your audience. These posts also tend to be promotional posts for a product or service and they are repeated frequently. Depending on how many times a day or week you are posting you want to limit promotional posts to 10{ebd406824beddcfba747a64d6ebf5cd9712607f65350c4e6a9643ae9d21e61f8} – 20{ebd406824beddcfba747a64d6ebf5cd9712607f65350c4e6a9643ae9d21e61f8}. Solution – Keep your content fresh by using different media’s such a pictures, video’s, articles, humor, asking questions, fun facts, trivia….it is best to plan it out so that you keep your content fresh and interesting.
  1. Posts of pictures with no text content included. This is the equivalent of handing somebody a flier and walking away. We have all experienced that at one time or another. This happens a lot when people share a picture, video etc and they do not lend to the post their own voice. We see others that have a great picture, graphic, video etc and they just post it without giving the reader an idea of what it is and how it relates to your business. You are doing yourself and your business a real disservice as you are not allowing others to build trust with you. It also does not encourage a conversation or engagement. Solution – Remember Facebook is about being social. If you want engagement then you are going to have to talk. So be sure you lend your voice to each post even when sharing other’s content.

What all this really boils down to is that if you are doing your own Facebook Marketing you need to educate yourself as to best practices. Then try them and monitor the results. You need to have a plan, a strategy. There are no shortcuts, no easy way to be successful. It takes time, thought and creativity. You have to allot time in your schedule for this.

We are offering a free consult. We will review your Facebook page and give you some tips that will help you be more successful. Just leave us a comment with a link to your page and share with us your challenges.

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