The Rebirth of Video in Marketing

videoSince the advent of television, video has proved a potent marketing tool that, at times, has ebbed put always comes back strong. Video underwent another change in the 1980s with the rise of MTV and music videos, which brought changes in the way commercials were made. Now over thirty years later video is again experiencing a renaissance with internet speeds that make high definition video easy to stream not only through fiber optic cables but through Wi-Fi as well. Let’s take a more in-depth look at how video has once again risen to the forefront of marketing.


Video Leads To Conversions, Conversions, Conversions.

We will start with the most compelling reason to use video in your content today, converting user visits into transactions. Cisco stated that in 2018, half of all traffic from mobile devices was to stream video. That is a staggering amount of traffic just to stream videos. Still not convinced? A recent study showed that by adding a videos to a product or landing page increased conversions by 80{ebd406824beddcfba747a64d6ebf5cd9712607f65350c4e6a9643ae9d21e61f8}. Another study showed that 74{ebd406824beddcfba747a64d6ebf5cd9712607f65350c4e6a9643ae9d21e61f8} of customers who viewed explanatory videos on a product or service ended up buying the product or contracting the service. These stats, while impressive, are not really surprising. Infomercials have been around since the 1980s, and regardless of if the product being sold is legitimate or not, infomercials persist because they convert viewers into sales. That same period saw the rise of home shopping channels which are still with us because like infomercials, they are a form of video that converts views into transactions. Taking advantage of this concept by adding  videos to your company’s website is just continuing an already long successful trend. Recent studies show that people prefer seeing a video on the internet over reading about a product, but it has always been that way. Many people prefer seeing a movie over reading the novel. With that in mind, we come to email.  As noted in this post, email is an excellent marketing tool, and by including a video in it, you increase the chances of the customer using your product or service.

Brand Identity and Customer Loyalty.

You may already be building your brand through social media and your company’s website. You have a style branding guide which you adhere to down to the font you use and what kind of pictures are acceptable for marketing.  Your company makes sure that your product or service is always high quality and is part of why you have good customer loyalty. Video can take these two concepts and further grow your brand and enhance customer loyalty. Video allows customers to find out about your company, products, and its ideals. When you provide customers with interesting and useful information in a video, you are expanding consumer trust and in reality, building a legion of advocates for your product. These advocacies that are spread by word of mouth are highly effective. In fact, there is a secondary SEO effect when your company’s supporters share your videos on social media, search engines will take note, and it could boost your ranking on search engine result pages.

So, video has earned its keep over the decades and always translates to newer forms of technology well. Undoubtedly, video will continue to be at the forefront of the internet and newer mobile devices over the coming decade and beyond.

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