Five Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Matters

email marketing Email may sound like an antiquated way of marketing; after all, it is well over twenty-five years old. To think the days of email marketing are in the past would be a huge mistake. In recent studies, email has been proven to be a more effective marketing tool than even social media. The majority of consumers use email every day. While social media is great for building brand awareness and loyalty, email produces more conversions than any of the social media platforms. Why does email work so well for marketing? Let’s take a closer look at some reasons why.

The Customer Trusts Email.

As opposed to spam, when a customer signs up to be on a mailing list, they gave given their consent to receive emails from your company. They want to receive more information about your company because they like the product or service you provide and want to be aware of any new offers.

Customers Want to Feel Like an Insider.

People love to stay on top of things, and when they receive news about a product or service your company has to offer before the general public, they feel like they are important. This effect is especially true when you offer coupons or early sales exclusively to the people who have signed up for your mailing list. Also, the average person checks their email several times a day because that is where more critical message such as bills and special offers are received. While social media may provide entertainment to customers, they perceive email as being much more important.

Email Marketing is Much Cheaper than Pay Per Click or Media Adverting.

The cost involved with email marketing is getting a mailing list (which is free), the time to write it, and the cost of the software or service to send it out. There is very low overhead when it comes to email marketing, and a hefty ROI, up to thirty times the investment on average. While Pay Per Click forces you to bid on an ad that may or may not be seen, emails have no such costs. No other form of marketing lets you reach thousands of customers for so little cost. Email also lets you include as much, or as little content in your message as you want.

Email Marketing Lets You Determine Your Target Demographic.

When a customer signs up for your mailing list, you can add a couple of optional fields that will help you understand who your customers are.  Ask customers about their gender and age, but don’t ask too many questions, or they are likely not to sign up for your email list.  You can also gather vital information like inbox rates, open rates, and unsubscribes.

Email is an Excellent Brand Loyalty Tool.

When you send customers on an email list exclusive offers and inside looks at your company, you are fostering trust in your company. Perhaps no other aspects of your company aside from the actual products or services being sold and the level of customer service are as effective as email in building loyalty. Customers who identify with your brand are always pleased when they receive an email from your company. There is no other marketing tool that can bring the level of customer loyalty that email does.

As more ads are run on social media and search engines, people are ignoring them at an increasing rate. This trend means that the future of marketing is in fact, email-based. So, if you want to stay ahead of the marketing trends, look to the past and email marketing.

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