How to Reach Customers and Get Google’s Attention

google'sWhen you invest in Google’s pay per click ad, you want a strong ROI. But are you actually getting all you can get from your ad? Here are some ideas for creating ad text which will reach both customers and bots.

Be Punctual.

If you want your ad text to make an impression on customers, you first need to impress Google. Adhering to a few simple rules will keep your ad from winding up in Google jail. Don’t include repeated punctuation marks in a headline like “Buy Now!!!!” or “Who can match Our Prices???”; repeated punctuation marks are sure to be seen as a red flag. Also, do not use exclamation points in your headlines, only use them in the body of the description. Symbols like Asterisks, pound signs (hashtags), and others that are generally not used should be excluded. Misleading symbols and numbers  are not permitted, so avoid thier use. Make sure you capitalize the first letter of each word in your headline, this will make it stand out and grab a customer’s attention, but it does not extend to writing it in all caps. Remember, writing in all caps is like shouting, bad edict.

Create Appealing, Relevant Headlines With High Volume Keywords

Just because you are using high volume keywords doesn’t mean they are being used correctly. Composing a headline that uses keywords to attract your target demographic is not the only consideration, they also must fit the content, Google penalizes now for not matching headlines and keywords to content.



Using Google’s Top Keywords in Paths

Keywords should be used often; this includes paths, although some forethought should be applied. If your ad is for latex mattresses, you should use a subcategory that has another keyword to attract the desired demographic.  Here is how it would work:  Latex Mattresses/Pillowtop. It is a similar concept to subdomains on a website.


The Importance of Ad Extensions

If you want your ad campaign to be successful, then ad extensions are vital. Having multiple quality extensions will advance your ad’s standing with Google. It also provides the customer with essential information about your products or services.

Get Your Customer’s Attention Quickly and Finish with a Strong Call To Action.

In this day and age, everyone’s attention span has been dramatically reduced, and you only have seconds to grab the customer’s attention. Make sure headline one is impactful and exciting so that the customer reads the ad and will click through.  Clearly, this means having a compelling call to action at the end of the ad, after all, it is ultimately about the customer buying your good or service.

Using Trial and Error

It may take numerous re-writes of your ad before you find the results you want.  The best way to determine how to re-write your ad is to have a group of up to five ads to start with. Watch which terminology works best and use it in future ads.  This doesn’t mean you should just let an ad sit idle, keywords and structure should be adjusted at least once a quarter.

If you follow these suggestions, you should see an improvement in the performance of your ads.  Stay one step ahead of your competition by adjusting your ad based on Google’s Search Term Report.  The time and effort you put into your ads will pay off in the end.

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