Three Ways to Expand Your Brand with Instagram

InstagramIf your company has invested in building its brand and has established a clear set of parameters concerning what is in line with its brand, then you have taken the first steps to build your brand. Perhaps you have already used those guidelines to design your website and to craft literature such as brochures and letterhead.  The next step is to establish a presence on social media and start growing your brand. One of the best sites to build your brand is Instagram. Use the example of influencers on Instagram who post photos of themselves when they are on vacation, trying new foods, biking or mountain climbing, and do it in a way that says their life is out of the ordinary, be like me. Some post the latest fashions they are trying out or a new way to apply makeup. These influencers are successful because they brand themselves: adventurer, fashion plate, athlete, and many other types of identities (brand identities).   Your business can use these examples to make Instagram a tool that will build your brand and drive traffic to your website. Once your company has established its brand identity, your Instagram posts will connect with your target demographic. It is an easy and inexpensive way to develop customer loyalty. Let’s look at three different ways you can use Instagram to gird up your brand.

Strike a Balance.

When Instagram users follow a company, they want to see professionally taken, artistic photos, but they also want to move aside the curtain and see how your company works and how products are made. Finding a balance between these two concepts allows your company to express its brand while at the same time, promote new and existing products or services.  Use the comments section to use language in line with your branding along with an inspiring, emotion invoking picture.  If the image is of a product or service, use the comments to promote the product, be sure to give details not readily available on your website or in advertisements. Making your company’s Instagram posts have some level of exclusivity allows your followers to feel as if they are an insider and will make them want to visit the link to your website in your profile.

Use Stories.

If you want to give your followers a real feel of how your company works, then using stories is an excellent way to convey a sense of exclusivity your followers desire. Going onto a factory floor with a cellphone and recording a minute or so of activity with commentary of what is going on in the video will resonate with your followers. Stories only last for 24 hours, so it adds to your followers’ sense of being on the inside. You can also create slide shows in stories which can help create a sense of what your brand is all about.

Stay Consistent.

When your company posts on Instagram, it is vital that all imagery, videos, and language are strictly conforming to your branding rules. Don’t post something that is the antithesis of your brand; it confuses your follower and erodes any progress made in building your brand. If your business is floristry don’t post images of cars or kittens and hope to keep building your brand. Consistency is key in branding, not just with Instagram, but all of your company’s media. Being inconsistent with your brand sends mixed signals about your company’s identity.

So, if done properly, you can use Instagram as another tool in your company’s branding. Just remember to post appealing content that interests your Instagram followers.

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