Creating A Social Media Marketing Calendar

social media marketing calendarA social media marketing calendar will allow you the ability to map out how often you’ll be posting, as well as what you’ll be posting.

Ideally, you want to do this before you actually begin posting on social media. This will help you map out exactly what you want to post.

Consider creating a social media calendar in which you map out what you will post each day during a given time period (week, month, year). This calendar will include what you’re going to post, as well as when you’ll post it.

When creating your social media calendar, ask yourself these questions:

  • How often will you post? Ideally, post at least once per day. This will keep your social media profile active and show your followers that you’re engaged on social media.
  • What sort of content will you post? Your business will shape the types of content you share.
    For example, if you’re a life coach, you may want to regularly share inspirational quotes and photos. If you’re a health practitioner, daily health tips could be incredibly helpful for your audience.
    When it comes to determining the types of content you’re going to post, think of what will add the most value to your audience.
  • What formats will you use? The most effective businesses utilize a variety of formats on social media. In other words, they don’t just post text. They also use images, videos, polls, quizzes, and more. The more variety you use, the more you’ll appeal to a wide range of individuals.

If you’re struggling to figure out what to post, you may want to use a tool like this Social Media Calendar. This will give you inspiration for every day of the year. It will also guide you as to what types of content might be most relevant depending on the time of year (holidays, seasons, etc.).

You may be thinking: Why do I have to map all this out in advance? Why can’t I just start posting?

Two reasons why you should utilize a social media marketing calendar.

The first is that it helps you to be consistent with your posting. One of the biggest challenges that business owners face when using social media is being consistent.

If you’re not consistent, you can lose the attention of your audience. After all, there are millions of things being posted every single day. If you’re not consistently posting, your audience will turn their attention elsewhere.

Marianne Litman says it like this:

If your social media goes dark for weeks at a time, you’re not doing yourself or your followers any favors. Waiting weeks, or even days, between posts can kill off the enthusiasm you’ve built up. This can lead to an uninterested audience or people jumping ship completely and unfollowing you.

Make a schedule that suits your workflow and keep it up. It could be that you have new work every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or perhaps you post your best work from the week on Sunday mornings. It doesn’t need to be a huge undertaking; it just needs to be consistent.

By creating a social media calendar, you do the hard work of figuring out what you’re going to post up front. You take the guesswork away and ensure that you won’t struggle to figure out what to publish. This makes it much easier for you to be consistent over the long run since you don’t have to constantly be trying to figure out what you’re going to post.

Second, using a social media calendar “forces” you to be active on social media. You can’t use the excuse of not knowing what to post. You’ve already laid out what you’re going to post and it’s important to stick to your schedule if you’re going to win new customers.



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