3 Tips to Create Engaging Email Content

Create Engaging Email

Create Engaging Email Creating an email list from scratch is definitely the right thing to do but it is going to take time and effort as well as money. This will all go to waste if you do not keep your email subscribers engaged with the content that you provide to them. Here are 3 email engagement tactics that work extremely well. When you use these tactics to create engaging email content, you will keep your subscribers happy and they will be much more likely to follow your recommendations and make you money.

1. Stand Out with your Subject Lines

If your emails are not being opened, it doesn’t matter how engaging the content inside of them is.
Your email subject lines are the most important thing that you need to pay attention to. Remember
that most of your subscribers will be receiving a lot of emails in their inbox every day, so it is critical
that your subject lines stand out from the rest.
You need to use powerful subject lines that will spark curiosity with your subscribers. The best email
subject lines are short and they promise a lot. There are different types of subject lines that you can
use in order to get the maximum open rates for your emails. These include:
• How to subject lines
• Personalized subject lines
• Intriguing subject lines
• Informational subject lines

One of the best methods for subject lines is to ask your subscriber a question. People will naturally want to answer questions so this should lead to higher open rates. Use “how to” subject lines as well as you should get a good open rate response if it is something totally relevant to your niche. People don’t like to miss out on good things so you can use scarcity based subject lines to good effect. Numbers have good impact as well so you can use “3 ways to…” and other number examples in your subject lines. Curiosity is always good with email subject lines. Here you want to make your email subscribers so curious that they just have to open your emails to find out more. Controversy and surprise can work well too.

2. Personalize your Subject Lines and Emails

We said at the start of this guide that we recommend you personalize your emails so include the subscribers name in your subject lines for a better response. There have been several studies in this
area that prove using a person’s name tends to elicit the best response. When people see their name in an email subject line and then in the body of your email, they are more likely to feel that the email was written just for them. If you have thousands of subscribers (which is where we want you to be) then it is impossible for you to actually write personalized emails for everyone. Using their name at least twice is the best you can do here.

3. Use Storytelling in your Emails

People love a good story so use this to your advantage. Tell your subscribers how you overcame a problem in your niche for example. When you can relate this to a product or service you will have a much better chance of converting them. How did you get started in your niche? There will be some subscribers that are at the starting phase and they will be able to relate to this. Even if some of your subscribers are experienced in the niche they will enjoy reading about your journey. Telling stories in your emails is a great way to connect with your subscribers. You can use stories about
others as well. Success stories tend to work really well. Tell the story of how someone else succeeded against the odds to inspire your subscribers.

These are just a few of the tactics to consider when using email to market to your customers and prospects.

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