Content Tips and Ideas

We get asked a lot for content tips and ideas for what makes good content. There is no standard answer that works for everybody. It is all well and good to say “Well your content should be good, and rich and robust and engaging and and…..and….” I am sure you have heard all those things before but what does all that mean?

So there you are sitting in front of your computer staring at your Facebook page wondering what it is going to take to get somebody to buy your product or service. You have been posting like you think you should all about your product/service, your specials…everything you think your peeps want to know….and yet nothing!!!

So you begin to think all sorts of things like well I guess Facebook is a waste of time or nobody wants my stuff. However there are so many reasons as to why this is happening.

The biggest is that Facebook is NOT about you posting a few things and the phone rings. There are a host of things that must happen first. There are things that must be in place first.

The second biggest reason is what you are posting and saying. More than likely it is about what YOU think your audience wants to hear…..but is it? “Well of course it is” you say….”they liked my page so of course they want to know about my latest and greatest. That is why I am doing this to make a sale.”

Ahh my social media friends alas it is about posting what your consumers are most interested in, in a way that is entertaining and shareable! There is no easy and fast way to do this. There is no magic bullet. Oh and just when you think you have it figured it… all changes….but that is what makes it fun and exciting!

To help you with your content conundrum here are some content tips and ideas……

Pictures– if you were to post the picture to right what would you say? Don’t just repeat what the picture says….we can already read that… we want to hear what you have to say about the picture. What would you say about this picture? How would you relate it to your business? Try one that is promotional and then try one that is not. How would you make it so your audience would want to share it. Maybe thank your customers? Maybe give a shout out to another local business and be sure to tag them.

Quotes – If you are going to use quotes make sure they make sense for you and your business. If you are a health/fitness then use quotes that relate to that subject. If you are a restaurant that serves wine, then use wine quotes or food quotes. You get the idea. Quotes that your audience can relate to and are interested in.  Many times people post a quote and then repeat the words of the quote. Again we can see that.. Or you say something like “So true” You will want to relate this to your business and as a business owner…. You want to be sure that YOUR audience find this appealing…. maybe ask a question that relates to this quote…?? So what would you say about this quote?


Fun Facts and Trivia – these types of posts gain engagement because you are asking a question. You can find these easily by doing a search. You can ask true/false questions, multiple choice, fill in the blank….but be sure they relate to your business. If your business is fashion you would not ask a trivia question on Italian food. You can also get  creative and offer a prize for the first with a correct answer.

So here we have a list of songs popular in 1966….you could do a lot with this….besides saying “My how music has changed”  You could relate one of those songs to your business and then ask your audience which is their fav on the list. What would you ask about this picture?

While we were primarily referring to Facebook posts here, you can apply these content tips and ideas to Twitter as well.

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