13 Social Media Marketing Reminders

13 Social Media Marketing Reminders.

Social Media Marketing is all about relationships. We often forget in our quest for new consumers. Sometimes we get so focused on sales or gaining new clients that we forget how important it is to take time to build and foster those relationships. We get impatient when our results are less than we had hoped for, as fast as we thought it would happen. As a small business owner you are always in building mode. It is a process that occurs over the course of time. So to help you as you self manage your social media marketing here are  13 Social Media Marketing Reminders.

1. You must have a strategy – When you post content with no thought or planning, your chances of success are greatly diminished.
2. Pick 2 platforms and start with them – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Periscope
3. Followers – the best are those you already have a relationship with. Then add meaningful new followers like new contacts, people you have something in common with. Use ads for new ones. NEVER pay for fake followers.
4. Content – it is about relationships, engagement and not pushing your product or service. 90{ebd406824beddcfba747a64d6ebf5cd9712607f65350c4e6a9643ae9d21e61f8} good, interesting, relatable content….10{ebd406824beddcfba747a64d6ebf5cd9712607f65350c4e6a9643ae9d21e61f8} promotional.
5. Hashtags – must be used properly. 1-2 on twitter. 5-11 Instagram. Facebook 1-2. Sharing from one platform to another is not effective for success.
6. Be consistent – in post frequency and in your message. Schedule in effective as you can plan ahead. Do not spam by posting too much all at once.
7. Check spelling and grammar – typos happen but you want to be sure people understand what you are saying.
8. Engage with others – in groups, respond to comments, reviews, and thank people for sharing. It is about relationships, meeting new people, conversations, educating and engaging.
9. Budget – for an ad campaign on Facebook, content, management, email marketing.
10. Who is your target audience? – everything revolves around that! This is who are you speaking to when you compose a post, who ads are geared to.
11. Remember your business image – project that in all that you say and do. Avoid personal opinions
12. Trends – use them when they apply. Use common sense and don’t try to fit a post to a trend.
13. Acknowledge Feedback – even if it is negative as that is your opportunity to grow, improve. Thank people for their comment. Be professional. Do not fight or argue.

How many of these 13 Social Media Marketing Reminders are you currently doing? Why not step things up by adding just 1 or maybe revising just 1 so you can take your business to the next level!

Mary Anne Cipressy  What’s Up SWFL

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