The Lonely Tweet

Once upon a time there was a tweet….it was a very good tweet or so it thought. This tweet knew that if enough people saw it everybody would love it and share it and quote it. Alas though this tweet found itself to be very lonely. So it would tweet…and tweet and tweet again but nobody was listening. It felt very alone.

It would wonder if there were any other tweets out there in the twitterverse. It would wonder how nice it would be to tweet with other tweets. To join in a chorus of tweets. This lonely tweet could only dream of the day.

Then one day this lonely tweet happened to meet #hashtag. The tweet was overjoyed to finally discover that there was indeed a chorus of tweets and it was #hashtag’s job to unite the chorus of tweets. The lonely tweet asked “how could just one simple #hashtag do all that work?” The #hashtag explained that there were many many many #hashtags, an infinite amount of #hashtags. There was one #hashtag for each and every twitter chorus any tweet could imagine. The lonely tweet was elated and wanted to have a #hashtag of its very own.

#Hashtag explained to the tweet that depending on what the tweet was talking about there would be a new #hashtag each time or the tweet could have its own branded #hashtag. Now the lonely tweet was very confused and wondered if the #hashtag would be of any help at all. The tweet did not know where to begin to choose a #hashtag.

The tweet asked #hashtag “You mean if I am talking about real estate I could use #realestate and join in the real estate chorus?” “Yes” #hashtag replied to the lonely tweet. The tweet scratched its little twitter head and asked what a branded tweet was. So the #hashtag explained that being it is the lonely tweet it could use #lonelytweet each time it tweeted so other tweets would know who it was. The lonely tweet was very happy now!

Then #hashtag explained that the lonely tweet could also search and find other choruses of tweets the lonely tweet might be interested in. The lonely tweet said it was interested in fishing and when #hashtag showed him the chorus of tweets using #fishing the lonely tweet did a happy tweet dance!

The lonely tweet being excited, began its journey to find just right #hashtag so it could join the chorus of tweets.  The tweet’s imagination went wild and it discovered so many chorus of tweets on some many different subjects. Some chorus it was interested in and others it was not. The tweet was excited to see so many other tweets all out there in the twitterverse, all talking about all sorts of things. The lonely tweet no longer felt lonely. It knew that it could join any chorus of tweets anytime it wanted just by using a #hashtag.

Do you know what #hashtag the lonely tweet used first?

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