Social Media Marketing Goals

Many local business owners struggle with understanding if their social media efforts are gaining the results they want. There are several reasons for this but today we are going to focus on goals. As a local business owner have you set any social media marketing goals? Do they align with your overall business goals for the year? It is not uncommon to discover that many small business owners have not set goals. Many seem to focus on increasing revenue, customers or clients. Others will solely focus on selling a particular product.

Goal setting is very important as it gives focus and direction to your business. To set goals you have to look at the overall big picture of your business. Start with where you are now and look at where do you want to be in 6 months. How does your social media efforts fit into your big picture of where you are going? As an example if you are launching a new product/service then you need to set goals for your social media that are alignment with the launch of your new product/service. What if you are not launching a new product/service? Then look at which of your products/services are your money makers or the one that you use to get people into your pipeline.

Once you have determined that…it is time to set your social media goals. Here are some sample types of social media marketng goals you can set:

1 Increase traffic to your website – which page? Is to a specific product/service? Perhaps a special offer? Your Blog?

2 Increase sign ups – Do you capture emails so you can market to them? Do you do a newsletter? VIP program?

3 Generate new leads – Do you have a lead generation program?

4 Increase Brand Awareness – Do you run ads for local awareness?

5 Increase engagement with your brand – are you encouraging people to leave reviews? Do you run contests? Are you asking questions and listening to the feedback?

Social Media Marketing is a very powerful tool if used effectively. If you do not have any social media marketing goals as to what you want to achieve, then you have no direction for your business.

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