Facebook Groups: Tips on Building Your Community

Probably one of the underutilized aspects of Facebook marketing is the use of Facebook Groups. Groups are a wonderful way to build a community based on a common interest that is related to your business. They are also a terrific way to network.

Group Tips

If you are thinking of starting a group here are a few tips to get you started.
1. Select the right group privacy level that fits your goals/objectives/theme
2. Have a vision of what the group purpose and objectives. If you own a restaurant you could start a foodie group. If you own a plumbing business you could start a home improvement DIY type group.
3. Have a catchy title. You want it short and memorable.
4. Be sure to use tags that will help people find your group within Facebook’s search engine.

Growing Your Group

Growing your Facebook groups is always a challenge. Once you get beyond family and friends then what?
1. You can promote it on your business page and then run a Facebook ad or Boost to gain new members.
2. Ask members to add their friends
3. Add group Facebook address to your email signature
4. Have group name/address on your business cards and or marketing materials
5. I read one strategy where you post your group in other groups that are similar. This you must be careful with as many group admins have a rule that you can’t do that. I think this is boarder line spammy.
6. Another strategy involves participating in a group by commenting on posts of other members and then private messaging them to ask them to join your group. This is also a bit spammy to me. When it comes to private messages if you are not friends with the person, your message goes into either messaged request or filtered area and the person may not see it.
7. Groups are about relationships and if you are in other groups and do make friends then that is a different story. You must be authentic about your interactions in groups.

Content tips

Content for your group will depend on what your group is about but here are some things you can post to encourage engagement and relationships.
1. Share links that are useful and pertain to your group theme. Ask a question about it when you post the link.
2. Start discussions on topics related to your theme.
3. Share latest tips & tricks that your members will find interesting and useful
4. Answer questions that the members ask. Be helpful.

Admin Tips

As an admin of your group there are some management duties you will need to perform to keep you group functioning, active and growing organically.
1. Keep spam out – this will kill a group in a heartbeat. The best thing to do is to have your settings so that you must approve all new members. Facebook is doing better to provide data on new member requests so you can filter the spam or those who are not a good fit easier.
2. Set up and enforce group rules – this is so members know what they can and can’t do. What they will be removed for etc. Conversations can get lively and out of hand quickly and easily so be sure you have rules on that. Be sure to pin them so all members and potential members can see them easily
3. Get help if you need it – you can more than one admin and you can also have a moderator to help you manage and admin the group. Moderators can manage membership and review posts. They can add, delete or block members. The can approve/deny/remove posts and or comments.

So, if you do not have a Facebook groups yet…you just may want to add that to your marketing tool box. The benefits are huge, you have a great deal of flexibility and they can be a great deal of fun!

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