Quality Content is Always Better than Quantity

quality content

quality contentYou can find all sorts of blog posts, check lists, and printable PDF’s sharing the best practices for using social media for your business, but the number one thing to remember is…quality is always better than quantity.

When it comes to using social media for business, less is often times more. Here’s what I mean.

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

Ever hear this term? Social media for business should be intentional and thought out. Even social media accounts that feel off-the-cuff or look like they’re done on the fly are often designed to look that way. It’s important to plan out your social media strategy and build your content accordingly.

Depending on the social media platform you choose, you may need to create videos or other content that is engaging and timely. It helps to have an overall digital marketing strategy and take specific actions that support it.

Quality Content Isn’t Always Convenient

It’s possible to automate content on social media, but that may not be a smart move. Customers are savvy and they know the difference between content designed to engage and connect with them versus content that is cut and pasted or recycled.

Social media is intended to be social which isn’t always convenient but remains very important. If you commit to social media as a strategy, it’s important to commit to using it as it’s designed to maximize the benefits. Choose a social media platform that works with the style and consistency of content you want to produce.

Improve Your Skills, Improve Your Content, Improve Your Results

If you use social media as a business tool, the more you know the better results you’ll have. Learn how to improve your content and evolve over time. Grow with your audience, grow with the social media platform you are using and be aware of improvements and changes so you can maximize the user experience.

Keeping up with changes in technology and the way social media reaches an audience will help you stay relevant and fresh which reflects positively on your business.

It’s Not About Pumping Out the Most Content, It’s About Serving Up the Right Content

Putting out content regularly is important, but it’s got to be the right content. Your business won’t win fans because you share content often, it wins fans because you share the right content…in a timely way. Be sure your content is valuable, on brand for your business, and serves purpose for your digital marketing plan.

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