How to Get Started Posting Consistently

The power of your content is the value it offers your audience. If you give them something useful and engaging, they’ll pay attention. This is the foundation of any viable social media strategy. But just as important as the quality of your content is its consistency. Posting consistently is important because it keeps you on your audience’s radar. They’ll come to expect your regular content. It’s also beneficial because social media platforms’ algorithms favor creators who post consistently. By posting your high-quality content regularly, you’ll see more engagement for your efforts.

Once you get into the flow of  posting consistently, you will find it’s easy to do. Here is how you get started.

Choose the Right Frequency

Start by deciding how often you’re going to post content. As a general rule, the more you post, the more engagement you’ll see. If you have the resources to post something three times a day, you’ll really get results.

But this isn’t realistic for most of us. What’s important is to be consistent, not to post often. If your audience really loves your content, they’ll eagerly wait for the next installment as long as they know it’s coming.

Posting Consistently

Find the Sweet Spot

There’s a time of day and time of week when your audience is its most responsive. If you post during this time, you’ll see more engagement for the same piece of content. Experiment with different times and post when your audience is there to get more miles out of your content.

Create a Content Calendar

Once you’ve decided on the frequency and best time to post, create an editorial calendar. This will include not only when you post, but also what type of content and where. For best results, create a social media strategy that includes data about your audience and their preferences, and an editorial calendar that meets their needs.

Implement and Monitor

Once you have a calendar set, start implementing and see if you get results. Try mixing it up at first to see what gets you the most comments and shares. You can then refine your calendar using feedback from your audience for best results.

Mixing up Your Content Themes

How do you keep up with a busy posting schedule? One way to do this is to understand that not every piece needs to solve an urgent problem for your audience. You might share news stories or curate someone else’s content.

You can also post personal things that aren’t directly related to your products and services. People love getting to know the personal side of businesses they follow. Create a mix that relieves the burden on you to always come up with highly impactful content.

Consistent Voice and Aesthetics

In addition to posting consistently new content, you also need a consistent voice and aesthetics. If you post something that’s too “off brand,” it will confuse your followers. At the very worst, you might lose trust with them. When you create a social media strategy, you’ll need to define your voice and aesthetics based on your ideal customer profile research.

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