6 Tools Small Business Can Use for Marketing

Marketing can be intimidating for a small business owner who has never done any marketing.  It can seem like you are on a ship without a rudder when you have no marketing experience. The good news is there is help. If you are a small business struggling to market your brand effectively, here are some tools that can help you reach your target customers.


You can’t go far in 2019 without a website and one that is optimized for mobile devices. DudaOne not only lets you build your own website, but it also allows you to optimize it for mobile use as well. Customers expect you to have a website that is mobile-friendly since the majority of internet traffic comes from mobile devices now. Not being optimized for mobile is like trying to use a fax machine for marketing in 2019. DudaOne is ideal for startups and small businesses.


Email marketing continues to be a more effective way to reach customers than social media or SEO. Create a sign up for a mailing list where customers can receive special offers or be notified about sales, and then use SendinBlue to mail out the offer or newsletter. SendinBlue is excellent for small businesses because it allows up to 300 emails a day to be sent for free. Even it’s “Lite” option is only $25 a month and lets small businesses send up to 40,000 emails during that period, more than the average startup will need for a low cost.


Mass mailing through snail mail is an excellent way to inform the public your small business or startup exists. You can include offers, sale dates, or thank you notes on postcards that are mass-mailed by Postable. The site lets you compose your messages, and they stamp and mail the cards for you. Small businesses and startups may not have the staff to undertake such tasks; Postable makes mass mailings possible for them.


Not every small business will have the staff or the time to proof mailings, website content, social media posts, or emails. Grammarly proofs all your writing for you and won’t break the budget of a small business or company just starting out. It is user-friendly, and you can integrate it right into a browser or download it for use with Microsoft products. When you are marketing, you don’t want to have grammatical errors or typos that go unnoticed until its too late.

Google Keyword Planner

If your small business plans on doing its own search engine optimization (SEO) or pay per click ads, then it is essential that effective keywords are used.  Choose keywords based on your company’s target demographic to get the most out of this tool.  Even if you do not plan to run pay per click ads, having the right keywords in your website’s content will help your SEO efforts to be more productive.

Survey Monkey

If you want your marketing to be truly successful, you need to know who you are marketing to and what they want. One of the best ways to understand what your customers want and to build your brand is through surveys. Knowing what your customer wants is essential to your marketing efforts. Survey Monkey is a simple way to gather customer information, and it has a free option perfect for small businesses and startups.

It’s not only big business that has the ability to market to its customers. Using these tools can help your small business or startup to reach a wider audience and build its brand.

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