Why You Should Be Using Email Marketing

email marketing

email marketing Email marketing is the practice of using email in the marketing communications. It covers every email sent to customer, a potential customer, or a public venue to be more precise it includes:
– Sending direct promotional emails to try and acquire new customers or persuade existing customers to buy again.
– Sending emails designed to encourage customer loyalty and enhance the customer relationship.
– Placing your marketing messages or advertisements in emails sent by other people.

It is somewhat similar to sending mail, a newsletter or e-zine or placing advertisements on a magazine or newspaper. But now a question strikes our mind, why use email for marketing? What is so good that it has to offer? Let us start with the answers of these questions

It has the following features:
– Sending email is much cheaper than most other forms of communication.
– Email lets you deliver your message to the people (unlike a website, where the people have to come to your message) .
-It has proven to be very successful for those who do it right .


Nonetheless, we cannot overlook the benefits which are mentioned below:

It allows targeting.
It is data driven.
It drives direct sales.
It builds relationships, loyalty and trust.
It supports sales through other channels.
Email marketing is an extremely cost-effective marketing tool.
It increases Your Sales Conversion.
It generates Repeat Sales.
It up-sell and Cross-sell Products and Services.
It gains Valuable Feedback from your Visitors.
It drives Web Users to Make Offline Purchases.

Other Tips

Modern email marketing services and solutions support database integration, segmentation and various other tricks and techniques for improving the targeting of outgoing messages and is
based on the idea of permission.

Always keep a few things in mind while opting for email marketing.
– Make sure your it reflects your brand, through your content, language, tone, imagery and colors.
– Your email campaign may also be an opportunity to manage and further enhance your relationships with your customers.
– Your content should demonstrative.
– Educate your customers or provide additional information.

Email marketing gives your brand an edge in a tough market. Daily, weekly, or even monthly emails will keep your brand in your target consumer’s mind.

If you run a conventional offline business, you can use email marketing to drive foot traffic through your door.

Finding another marketing method that comes close to all these benefits is nearly impossible.


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