Target Market Audience – How To Identify It

One of the things it seems many struggle with is understanding who their target market audience is. Oh sure we all would like to think that everybody wants and could use our product or service but that just isn’t so.

You may have the best product out there that everybody uses but that does not mean they want to use yours.

Everybody washes clothes but does everybody use the same product? Nope some use Tide other use All and still others use a generic store brand. Why is that? Because while we all need to wash our clothes, the value we place on the product we choose and why we choose it, is what makes the difference. Ahh the light bulb went off did it… it is about value and that differs from person to person to person.

Many think if they try to narrow it down then they are going to loose sales? Tide is the #1 detergent. Those who find it too expensive are not their target audience. That is why there are less expensive alternatives….for those who do not want to spend that much money on laundry detergent. Tide just wants to make sure of those who find value in their product are using it. They must be doing a good job don’t ya think?

ID Your Target Audience 

Before you begin any social media marketing efforts or develop a strategy you have to know who you are targeting…. who you are talking to….so here are some steps you can take to help you with that.

1. You need to ask your self…. what need or problem does my product fulfill?

2. Who places value on what my product or service offers.

3. What demographics do they fit into…. age, gender, income level, location, what type of lifestyle do they live, what is of interest to them.

4. Where on social media are they? What platforms are they using?

5. Your competition – who follows them? What are they talking about when they interact with your competitor?

6. Current Customers/Clients – what do they look like demographically speaking. What need/desire/solution are you fulfilling for them?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to ID your Target Market Audience. Write it down and then be sure as you place ads, craft tweets or posts that you are speaking to what interests them most.

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