Maximizing Your Content Strategy to Build Your Social Media Community

Content Strategy

content strategyBuilding your social media community is a great way to create a solid connection with your audience and customers. When you have an active social network, you give yourself access to your ideal customer so that you can keep learning from them and keep providing value to them in the way that resonates with them. Maximizing your content strategy to build your social media community is an important goal to meet.

Reuse and Repurpose Existing Content

If you already have content that your audience loves, consider reusing and repurposing it by putting it into a new form or adding to it to expand on it. For example, turn a 3-point blog post into a Facebook Live event, or turn it into a YouTube vlog that you’ll share with your social networks.

Combine New and Existing Content to Make Something Brand New

Take content you already have and combine it to make something totally new. You can even add PLR into content you created yourself to make it more targeted to your audience. For example, if you have an eBook, some blog posts, and emails, you can turn all of it into a course.

Curate Content from Subject Matter Experts

You can leverage subject matter experts by curating the content they create right on your site and post it on social media to drive traffic to the site. When you curate content, you can turn yourself into a one-stop-shop for all things your niche.

Know the Goals of Your Content

What are you producing, why are you producing it, and what kind of return on investment are you expecting from the content in question? This will help you understand your call to action so that the content you do publish helps build your community.

Create a Content Calendar

The best thing to ensure that you do something is to schedule it, then block out the time to accomplish the task. Develop a content calendar so that you know in advance how it’s all going to work together and when you’re going to publish. Planning it all out is the best way to ensure success.

Mind Your Data

Make sure you understand the key performance indicators that you want to track and measure. Whether you’re building your social media community, trying to get more engagement, or something else, the only way to ensure success is to track your actions.

Learn from Your Competition

Your competitors have a content strategy to build their community too. Can you reverse engineer their strategy so that you can emulate it? Join their groups, lists, and read their content so that you can learn everything from them. This is a fabulous way to save money, especially if you’re a small individual business and your competitor is a corporation.

Listen to Your Audience

Your audience will tell you what they want and need. If you listen to them and then give it to them, word will get out fast and your community will practically build itself. It’s all about your reputation and the value you provide to your community.

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