How to Use Social Media to Launch a New Product or Service

launch a new product

One way to use social media is to use it to launch a new product or service to your audience. When you remember that social media is just a tool for you to use to get traffic to your products, services, and or offerings, it starts to become super-easy to figure out different ways to make it work.

Offer a Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek

This is a super-fun and useful way to use social media. You can post pictures, videos, and text showcasing your efforts to create the product or service that you’ll be launching. This works because people love seeing your hard work in progress.

The hard work they see you doing boosts the value of your product or service and makes them more aware of the value you’re offering to them.

Create Excitement and Hype about the Product by Teasing

When you post information about the product, you can be very cryptic and tease them about what’s happening behind the scenes. You can express your own excitement as well as any tester’s excitement to get your audience excited too.

Use Social Media to Run Paid Advertisements

One thing social media is excellent at is setting up easy advertisements by using the platforms’ paid ads options. You can boost your post so more see it; you can run a real advertisement with targets outside of your list; and more. Note: If you’re going to run paid ads, it’s important that you do know who your target audience is and what your call to action is before trying it.

Hire or Team Up with Social Media Influencers

 This is an effective way to launch your product. Find five to ten social media influencers who speak to your audience and hire them or team up with them in some way to start a series of promotions. Set up the promotion so that each influencer starts their promotion in a series so that you attract more of your audience.

Host and Organize Contests and Giveaways

You can do this alone or with influencers. Hosting, organizing, and running contests and giveaways that are truly targeted toward your audience will also do wonders for getting people excited for your launch.

Allow People to Buy in Advance

Setting up a way for your audience to buy right now – even when the product or service is not ready to sell yet – is a great way to test your concept. Make the price lower; explain that it’s the beta version but that they can get in on it early by buying in advance. This is a great way to get more testimonials for your sales page too.

Post Regular Educational / Informational Videos

Using video on your social platforms such as webinars and other types of video, and giving your viewers information and education that will help them understand their problems better prior to your launch, will also help get them excited to buy.

These social media launching ideas are simple to implement and work wonders for pushing traffic to your product or service. The main thing that you want to do is provide information to your audience via your social media platforms on a regular and consistent basis, while getting them excited about the new product or service to come. These launch a new product or service ideas will help guide you in being successful.

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