Getting Started with Twitter

Twitter The Twitter revolution is upon us. But some people may avoid it because they are unsure how it works, or perhaps they think it is just a fad among young people. But Twitter has become far more than a fad, and is “the latest” in communication.

What Is Twitter?

Think of Twitter as a sort of mini blog – you update people on your whereabouts, thoughts, ideas, and so forth but you do so in a few words. If you have a blog, you garner subscribers who will read your posts regularly to get the latest on whatever your blog subject is. With Twitter, you also have subscribers; but instead of updating them with a full post, you just use a few words or sentences.

For What Do You Use Twitter?

You can use Twitter professionally or personally. If you use it professionally, you can update your subscribers and clients (called “followers”) regarding your latest product or information. If you sell candles, for instance, and you have a selling event or party coming up, you can “tweet” your followers and tell them the time and place. If there is a new candle scent, color, or shape that comes out, you can tweet that information. Tweeting keeps your followers up-to-date and gives them an edge – it’s a win for both of you.

On a personal level, it can be used to keep people up-to-date on your whereabouts, your thoughts, and so forth. It’s something like passing notes in the old days!

What Equipment Do You Need ?

You will have to have an internet connection to tweet. You can send and receive tweets from a computer, cell phone, or other mobile device.

How Do You Start?

To get on Twitter, you need an account. If you log on to, you can get an account set up fairly quickly. You will create a profile, which briefly outlines your personal information. Like tweets themselves, the profile information is brief and to the point. Then, find your friends who are already on this platform. You can search to find friends who are already participating, and you can send invitations to those who aren’t on Twitter.

Is It Safe?

Some people may have concerns about “putting themselves out there” via Twitter. However, there need be nothing dangerous about it. You can, if you like, “protect” your tweets or updates so that only certain select people can read them. And your personal profile does not need to go into any detail.

Twitter can be a business enhancement or a fun social diversion. It can be both, and everything in between! Twitter’s benefit is largely in how you use it.


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