Facebook Changes The Effect Small Business Owners

If you are using Facebook market your business then you may or may not be aware of these recent Facebook changes. Some will affect what and how you post as well as your strategy. For Facebook it is all about the consumer’s (you) experience and showing you what you want to see in your newsfeed. As there is limited space, they rank so to speak what you and others see. This process is always changing to make the experience better. There is also a lot of spam that happens and they are always working on ways to ensure this does not occur. While I do not think they will ever stop it completely, they certainly can curtail it.

So, let’s take a look at these changes.
1. Timely and Trending Topics – these posts will be given higher priority in the newsfeed. If you are going to use timely and trending topics for your business, it must make sense and be authentic.
2. Reactions are better than likes – posts that get more reactions will weigh more than just likes, so when you create posts do so to elicit a reaction.
3. Links – if you are going to use links in a post, be sure they are a high quality, trusted site you are linking to. They are showing low quality links less to cut down on “fake news” aka satire news etc and all that misinformation that happens.
4. Negative posts – posts where people mark hide from newsfeed, hide all posts will be shown less in the newsfeed.
5. Profile picture – is going to round instead of a square. This is both your personal profile and business page newsfeed.
6. Authenticity – is the word of the day. Facebook is weighing these types of posts higher. So, what does that mean? This is about being real. Not being spammy in the words you use. In videos, be honest and genuine. Post information that your audience wants and will react and engage with. Asking questions is a good option. Do not as for likes, comments, or shares.
7. Videos – that have longer completion time, meaning people watch the video longer will be shown in the newsfeed more. So, you are going to want to keep your video’s short, engaging, interesting and authentic to elicit a reaction.
8. Small Changes – You may notice small changes like they are testing colored backgrounds for comments.

When crafting your posts and videos try to see it from your audience’s point of view. Try to create posts that add to the users experience on Facebook. It is not about you but about your audience. Remember to utilize ads for sales of your products/services.

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