Are You Struggling to Generate New Content Ideas?

new content ideas

It’s common to feel like you’ve run out of content ideas. After all, you can only say so much about your product or service. However, you don’t need to worry. Thankfully, there are many ways to develop new ideas and produce more content for your needs. If what you are doing now to generate new content ideas, here are eight content-generating ideas to get you started.

Take a Look at Your Analytics

What topics have been most popular with your audience? Write about those topics again, or take a different angle on them. For instance, if you see that a lot of people are interested in a particular type of product, write a blog post about that product. If you notice that people are searching for specific information, write a post about that topic too.

Ask Your Target Audience 

Ask them if you’re unsure what your target audience wants to read about. You can use social media, surveys, or even just conversations to accomplish this. For example, you could ask your followers on Twitter what kind of content they would like to see from you, or you could send out a survey to your email list and ask people what topics they’re interested in.

Look at What’s Trending

Check out what’s trending on social media and in the news. Then, see if there’s any way to tie those trends into your business or product. Use tools to find out what’s trending, such as Google Trends. Just enter a topic, and you’ll see how popular it is over time.

Host a Contest or Giveaway

This is a great way to create content and engage with your audience simultaneously. Some terrific contests and giveaways include asking people to submit photos, videos, or ideas.

Write an Industry Roundup

Every week or so, search for news stories related to your industry. Then, write a post that rounds up those stories and offers your own commentary. For example, if you sell software, you could write a post that rounds up the latest news in the tech industry.

Show Behind-the-Scenes Content

People love seeing the behind-the-scenes of businesses. Your audience wants to know what you’re doing behind the scenes. Show them what goes into making your product or service, or give them a peek into your company culture.

Create a Resource List

This is a great way to show your expertise on a topic and provide value to your audience. A resource list can be anything from a list of blog post topics to a roundup of the best tools for a certain task.

Do a Live Q&A Session or Webinar

This is another great way to engage with your audience and give them valuable information. You can also use this opportunity to promote your product or service.

Generating new content ideas doesn’t have to be complicated. You can quickly develop plenty of new ideas with a bit of creativity. Focus on your audience and create valuable, engaging, and actionable content for them.


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